The Custom Home Design Process

We understand we are not just building a project, we are building our client’s home, and we take it personally by making our client’s priorities our very own.

Our approach to the construction process combines features from both Construction Management and traditional General Contracting. Our goal in the initial pre-construction phase is to view the process through the lens of an essential team member – providing vital, scheduling, and technical assessments. During the construction process, we are the representative of our client and ensure that our clients’ interests are always top priority, and decisions are made collaboratively.

As a custom home builder, we retain single-source responsibility from start to finish. We know that it takes a careful balance of ideas, creativity, communication, and organization to make your dream home a reality. That’s why we have used our experience to develop a custom home building process that’s both highly productive, and much less stressful. Understanding that our clients look to us for full accountability during the entire construction process; we guarantee and take full responsibility for everything under our scope of services.

Understanding the costs

There are a few things about the costs of building a custom home that we work hard to make sure each of our clients understands going into the project. Todd Glowka Builder can help you balance your home design with your budget to get the best value for your money. 

The Home Building Process – Step 1:

Understanding the Cost per Square Foot for a New Custom Home

For years real estate agents, appraisers, inspectors, taxing authorities and buyers have focused on property value as a price per square foot of the living area. Before computers did all of the work, appraisers would simply measure the exterior of a home then deduct for the garage and the front porch to determine the “living area square footage totals”. Today the calculations are more precise, but they measure the same thing…

The Home Building Process – Step 2:

Development Costs that Could Affect the Price of Your New Custom Home

When designing a new custom home, beware of additional costs that you might not have previously considered – something builders refer to as development costs. This specifically relates to what it costs to construct a custom home on one site compared to another. Items such as soil condition, topography, vegetation, utility location and availability, city and individual subdivision requirements are all examples of variables which greatly affect the cost…

The Home Building Process – Step 3:

The Geometry of Home Design

In addition to the overall building size and home site variables, the home’s design also plays a significant role in the cost of a new home…

The Home Building Process – Step 4:

Building Materials & Specifications

In this phase of the home design process, we work hand in hand with the client to develop a detailed set of “Specifications & Materials” documents that are used to address all aspects of construction on your particular project. More specifically, all of the features you want in your home are clearly spelled out in these documents, allowing us to calculate the final cost of your home…